Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors Program

The NHC Ambassadors program trains, supports, connects and celebrates the young generation of thought leaders, activists, and innovators working to transform the health and well-being of marginalised communities of Nepal to progress towards Universal Health Coverage in the cities and rural areas they represent.

With a mission to empower young doctors and public health workers to champion and create solutions for Universal Health Coverage 2030, Good Health and Well-Being, Nepal Health Corps seeks to provide young change makers with the tools, a platform and a guiding framework for action, and connect them with leading health development experts and practitioners. The Ambassadors will take on a journey throughout which they will explore solutions for localizing the globally adopted goals and targets, exchange knowledge and ideas, and work to engage local stakeholders in a dialogue around strategies and plans needs to build a Universal Health coverage 2030 (Health For All), Good Health and Well-Being in Nepal.

The Nepal Health Corps Ambassadors have a proven track record in mobilizing other young medical leaders and youth through their activities. The Ambassadors are taking part in a year volunteer program and will play a key role in bringing the benefits of Nepal Health Corps to national, regional, and local status of Health. They will also help to grow NHC’s national reach and engage interested Medical Volunteers.

As part of the program, the Nepal Health Corps Ambassadors will implement local activities and contribute their ideas to make Nepal Health Corps more relevant in their networks and communities. They will add value to other medical student’s professional growth, and generate local engagement and peer-to-peer networking.

Learn more about these young leaders at Ambassadors. Connect with them to grow your network and stay engaged. Stay tuned for more updates on the Ambassadors and what they’re up to!