Symposium on Good Health & Well-Being

With the theme "Localizing Pathways for Universal Health Coverage: Role of Young Leaders ", Nepal Health Corps organized National Symposium on Good Health and Well Being which will train 50 Young Medical and paramedical leaders representing 23 medical colleges of Nepal.

The workshop had a session where each divided group had to create an innovative solution to achieve a certain target under SDG 3. The solutions created enhanced their sophistication, understanding and innovative skills.

How Young Leaders with Doctor, Nurse and Public Health Degree can contribute through their Local Actions for Global Goals? This Symposium answered possible solutions to every target of Good Health and Well-Being (SDG-3) adopted by Nepal.

  • To learn Synergies between health and Well Being, and other goals.
  • To advocate the participants about Sustainable development goals focusing primarily on SDG 3; Health and Well Being.
  • To train and provide them with the ideas about conducting community outreach programs/project at local level that helps to achieve 2030 target.
  • To interact and build networks among like-minded people which helps to reach the goals together.
  • To enable the participants to share their ideas and vision about achieving SDGs by 2030 with constructive feedback from other participants.
  • To provide a stage for discussing strategies to successfully deal with hurdles and challenging situations.