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Social Venture to secure Health Coverage in underprivileged regions of Nepal. We empower young medical practitioners for health for all mission.

Who we are

Nepal Health Corps is a youth-led not for profit organization working to ensure healthcare accessibility in Nepal. It works through an integrated approach that strengthens individual and organizational capabilities while building an enabling environment that promotes young medical professionals in addressing the nation's healthcare needs of tomorrow.
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Our Director Speaks:

Founder and Director

I have grown up seeing peoples struggle. Although my parents made sure we had everything we needed, coming from a middle class family I had witnessed the realities of society early in life. That’s when I realized that there were many changes that were necessary in our society, and I wanted to see those changes begin from myself. And if I wanted to make these changes, if I wanted to be someone, study was the only way out for me.
I had obvious reasons for wanting to choose doctor as my profession. I was a good student while growing up. So I was encouraged to study in the field of medicine, because the recognition and inclination of our community towards this profession is huge. I got admission in a good college and my medical journey started. It embarked with great memories, great experiences as well as great lessons. One of the unforgettable one is our visit to Chepang village in my third year. It was a remote area and it took us 7-8 hours of walking to reach there. We went to 114 households with medical supplies.There were no good food supplies and it was desperate to see that they didn’t even have slippers to wear. We donated clothes and blankets, in an attempt to initiate any help possible towards them. This visit made me realize how privileged we are, and how we take so many things for granted. It also made me realise that health personnels should be mobilised in the periphery and the remote areas to ensure universal health care coverage. That is when Nepal Health Corps was born with an aim to decrease the rural urban health disparities through the mobilisation of youths like me both inside and outside of healthcare.
With Nepal Health Corps, I hope we can implement universal health care coverage throughout Nepal and being healthy becomes a norm rather than a privilege. There is still a lot to be done to achieve this milestone but our team of enthusiastic youths at NHC are ready for the challenges ahead of us afterall challenges,as i said , will only be a motivation to do the best we can.

A healthier and thriving Nepal.
We are committed to building a Nepal where healthcare is accessible to everyone from the cities to rural parts of Nepal equally through empowered healthcare leaders.

Our Values

Social Accountability

We understand that social accountability in youth is fundamental to understanding and implementing health policies.


We are committed to reducing health inequality and promoting access to universal health care all over the country.


We believe in meaningful partnership to extend our impact . We are always welcome to collaborate with like minds for a good cause.

Empathy and Compassion

Our group of staff and the programmes we conduct reflect our genuine enthusiasm and passion driven approach to achieve our goals.

Innovation and Agility

We are highly adaptable to new ideas and ways of working to ensure maximum impact through our initiatives.