Nepal Health Corps: Ambassadors

Our initiative to empower youth in health care across the nation

With the emerging, new health care crisis and already prevalent hurdles to access to proper health care in rural areas of Nepal, empowering the young minds across the health care and related sectors is the only feasible approach to equity in health care and a sustainable healthy future.

Since 2019/2020, Nepal Health Corps has been mobilizing young doctors, medical students and technological experts to advocate for practical solutions towards sustainable development, while promoting the sustainable development goal of Good Health and Well Being through Universal Health Coverage. NHC has been actively involved in incubation and development of young health professionals as Health Leaders/ Ambassadors. Under the Ambassador Program, one undergraduate student ambassador from each medical/health science college of Nepal is selected and the ambassadors are empowered to organize social ventures in their respective colleges and communities. For a year the Ambassadors take upon a journey throughout which they will explore methods/solutions for localizing the globally adopted goals and targets, exchange knowledge and ideas, and work to engage local stakeholders in a dialogue around strategies needed to build a Universal Health coverage.

With a mission to empower young health professionals as champions in creating and implementing solutions for Universal Health Coverage 2030, Good Health and Well-Being, Nepal Health Corps seeks to

  • Provide young change makers with a platform, nurturing network, necessary tools and a guiding framework for action,
  • Generate local engagement and peer-to-peer networking Connect them with leading health development experts and practitioners.
  • Develop a sense of professionalism and add value to other student’s professional growth,
  • Build feelings of social accountability from early on.

The Nepal Health Corps Ambassadors have a proven track record in mobilizing other young medical leaders and youth through their activities.

Investment In

Youth Empowerment for healthier Nepal
Ambassadors across 38 health care institutes in Nepal

Program Components

Innovative Community Development Health Project

Our ambassadors are provided with a seed fund (Solutions Fund) of NRs.1,00,000 for the Innovative Community Development Health Project. The project has to be impactful, of public health importance. and reflective of the values of our organization.

Leadership Training

Ambassadors are trained in project management, global goals, global health, and medical leadership by a group of world-renowned personalities and organizations to help foster their leadership skills