Being NHC Ambassador 2022

Adding another brick to its glorious trend, Nepal Health Corps (NHC) announces the application for Ambassadors program 2022.  Nepal Health Corps, a leading workforce of Young Health Professionals from Nepal with the roots of Universal Health Coverage, Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) 2030 ,seeks to cultivate the feelings of social accountability among the Nepali youths. NHC Ambassador Program is in affiliation and partnership with IDEAS For Us, UN SDSN-Youth, World Academy of Medical Leadership , Nepal Medical Association (NMA) and 38 medical education institutes of Nepal.

Since 2019, NHC has been involved in the incubation and development of young health professionals as Health Ambassadors, whereby young health aspirants get opportunities to equip themselves with leadership qualities and skills. We empower Ambassadors to organise social ventures in their respective colleges and communities. For a year the Ambassadors take upon a journey where they will explore methods/solutions for localising the globally adopted goals and targets, exchange knowledge and ideas, and work to engage local stakeholders in a dialogue around strategies needed to ensure Universal Health coverage.

So Far

  • 2 Cohorts
  • 61 (23+38) Ambassadors from 38 Medical Colleges, mobilised 1500+ volunteers
  • Reached approx. 15,000+ people through community action projects

APPLY ON OR BEFORE 19 April, 2022

This is your chance to make a mark.

Be a part and

  • Play an important role in accelerating impact in partnership with your college.
  • Receive 3 Months Incubation and a year of Mentorship.
  • Be in the Mix to receive Solutions Fund up to 1000 USD.
  • Be featured in Nepal Health Corps’ large social networks and be recognized for your work.
  • Be awarded at National/International ceremonies based on performance.
  • Be credited for the Health Project impacts you have facilitated under your cluster.
  • Receive access to attend Health Conferences and Exchanges inside/outside of Nepal
  • Receive complimentary resources (Alumni) even after your tenure with Nepal Health Corps

We hereby call upon applications from interested candidates to participate in a yearlong quest.

 Who can apply?

  • Undergraduate Medical/Para-Medical/Public Health Student of the College you intend to represent.
  • Age 30 years or less
  • Agreeable to be associated with NHC through commitment of time and effort till the completion of this journey (at least one year).

How to apply?

Requirements/Commitments for One-year term (2022/23)

  • Possess a passion for Health Equity mission and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Have experience working with young people (i.e. mentoring and teaching)
  • Have ability to engage College Administration and Community
  • Possess strong knowledge of the ideation and creation of social projects and ventures
  • Have connections and knowledge of valuable resources (impact hubs, partners, etc.)
  • Demonstrate strong leadership, communication, coordination, and organizational skills
  • Have the ability to work independently as well as collaborate in a team
  • Have personal access to a computer and stable internet connectivity
  • Are proficient in written and spoken English
  • Are social media savvy, including social tools for communication and networking