PROJECT NYANO ABHAS: Winter Clothes Distribution Campaign

Project Nyano Abhas

Nepal Health Corps – NGMC (2022-23)

“यो जाडोमा न्यानो आभास”

Under the leadership of ambassador Dr. Aayush Bist


Right to clothing is a basic human right. Providing and supporting under-privileged one with warm clothes and ensuring their warmth during winter by privileged people is the best way to ensure this basic human right. The Nepal Health Corps, Nepalgunj Medical College (NHC NGMC) team conducted winter clothes distribution campaign) for the residents of Manav sewa ashram and the slums in Kohalpur. Manav sewa Ashram is a charitable organization that provides a home to people living off the streets. Their effort has also helped reunite several hundreds of people with their families.


The cold wave of Terai has a devastating impact on the livelihood of people. The local government shows little to no support to the neediest. The cold kills people. Either because of hypothermia, or indirectly through smoke inhalation inside the home as people try to keep warm.

Recognizing the need for warmth during the winter season NHC NGMC team initiated a drive to collect winter clothes from its members, college faculty members and medical students and thus provide it to the needy people to ensure their warmth.


The main objectives of the winter clothes distribution campaign were:

  • To collect winter clothing items from doctors and medical students of Nepalgunj Medical College.
  • To distribute the collected clothes to the homeless residents of Manavsewa Ashram and the slums in Kohalpur.


This project was carried out in two phases. First phase was carried out by distributing the warm clothes in aashram while the second phase was completed by distributing it in slum area.

To make the project more efficient the project was segregated in different steps. They include:

Collection drive: NHC organized a collection drive among doctors and medical students at Nepalgunj Medical College.The drive aimed to gather a wide range of winter clothing items, including jackets, sweaters, blankets, hats, scarves, and gloves.

Coordination and Sorting: Upon the completion of the collection drive, NHC members coordinated efforts to sort and categorize the collected winter clothes. This process involved organizing the items by size, type, and condition to ensure the efficient distribution process.

Distribution Event: NHC organized a distribution event at Manavsewa Ashram and the slums in Kohalpur to hand over the collected winter clothes to the homeless residents. The event included volunteers from NHC who actively participated in the distribution process.

Date: 2079-08-24 (10th December, 2022)
No. of beneficiaries: Around 200

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Provided warmth and comfort to residents of Manavsewa Ashram and the slums in Kohalpur during the winter season.
  • Promoted the spirit of compassion through the act of sharing.
  • Strengthened the relationship between the medical fraternity and the local community.


ItemsAmount (Rs)
Packing Material1500


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