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Project Paila


Nepal Health Corps – NGMC (2022-23) “Empowering our students to make better choices for a better future” Background Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) gives young people accurate, age-appropriate information about sexuality and their sexual and reproductive health, which is critical for their health and survival. CSE is a joint program by UNESCO, UNFPA, UN Women, UNAIDS […]

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Project Sparsha

PROJECT SPARSHA: Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Health Camp for Geriatric & Paediatric Population

Nepal Health Corps – NGMC (2022-23) Background Neelsagar old age home and orphanage, a charity organization located in Nepalgunj Banke has been taking care of more than 150 young children and old aged people.This organization has been positively impacting thousands of lives. We cannot just keep saying a prayer for healing for the under privileged […]

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Project Nyano Abhas

PROJECT NYANO ABHAS: Winter Clothes Distribution Campaign

Nepal Health Corps – NGMC (2022-23) “यो जाडोमा न्यानो आभास” Under the leadership of ambassador Dr. Aayush Bist Background Right to clothing is a basic human right. Providing and supporting under-privileged one with warm clothes and ensuring their warmth during winter by privileged people is the best way to ensure this basic human right. The […]

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Project Shristi

PROJECT SHRISTI: An Awareness Campaign on Perimenopausal Health

Nepal Health Corps – NAIHS (2022-2023) Under the leadership of Ambassador – Dr. Priya Adhikari Background Menopause is a natural event occurring in every woman’s life that greatly affects their quality of living preceded by a major transitional period called peri-menoupausal period. There are a lot of physical, hormonal, emotional and psychological changed that occur […]

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Project Cervicare


NEPAL HEALTH CORPS – COMS (2022-23) Background This project was conducted focusing on providing awareness to the women of reproductive age group about the prevalence, early signs, methods of prevention- primary as well as secondary, and treatment methods. Project Cervicare was aimed at delivering cervical cancer awareness to females ofreproductive age group in Nepal. This […]

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